About Stary
Stary is an entertainment company of storytelling. We provide writing and reading services for users in over 130 countries and regions. We run multiple reading platforms with diverse genres and languages, along with a one-stop writing platform.
We are committed to discovering the endless possibilities behind every story. With our aim of adapting stories into derivative works, we continue developing physical books, audiobooks, comic books, adventure games, and videos with diverse stories for worldwide entertainment.
We aim to promote influential stories. We pursue the widest stages for creativity and imagination, construct a healthy and effective network of content distributing, and grow with the content industry.
Our Mission
To provide global users with top original content.
* We are committed to establishing the widest stages for creators to make them and their stories excel in their chosen genre.
* We are constructing a healthy, creative, and effective network to distribute content.
* We provide excellent stories for global entertainment.
Our Values
Authors and readers are the foundations of Stary.
Content is the core of Stary.
Enthusiasm about the original brings us together.
We treasure creativity and imagination.
We are open to new ideas from people all over the world.
Our faith is to grow with the industry.
Our Vission
Stary redefines how content connects with people. We believe in the freedom of creating the diversity of content. This is the reason why we build the widest stages and provide a one-stop marketing service for global authors to inspire them to excel in their chosen field.
By discovering the wonderful world behind stories with voice, images, and videos, we are dedicated to develop and promote influential stories. We are constructing a diversified and comprehensive industry chain.
More than 100,000 authors write with Stary and have published over 300,000 stories.
Stary has been favored by 100 million readers worldwide.
Stary provides multi-lingual services in more than 130 countries and regions.
For different language backgrounds, Stary has launched Innovel, Sueñovela, ЧитРом, and Yugto to provide localization reading services.
The story of Stary continues…
Dreame was ranked NO.1 in downloads in the APP stores in more than 100 countries and regions.
Innovel, the Indonesian language reading platform ranked NO.1 in the Books & reference list in Google Play, Indonesia.
Stary launched Ringdom, an online reading platform focusing on presenting more adventure, high-concept, and fast-paced genres fiction with a targeted readership.
Stary launched a cultivating competition, Stary Writing Academy. This series of writing competitions provide writers with a prize of more than 100,000 USD each time and opportunities for hardcover publishing.
Stary launched the world’s first LGBT+ reading platform, Slash.
Stary launched Stary Writing, a one-stop writing platform that combines writing, publishing, marketing, and book adapting.
Dreame’s users exceeded 1 million.
Stary forged partnerships with more than 20 world-renowned publishers.
Stary officially launched Dreame, a reading platform bursting with various excellent genres like Romance, Paranormal, and Fantasy.
More than 3,000 online stories were released on Dreame, an increasing number of readers were attracted to them.
Stary forged a partnership with a world-renowned publisher.
Young, fun, and bubbly, Dreame is at the center of online romance fiction. Bursting with various excellent genres like Romance, Paranormal, and Fantasy, there is a story for everyone. Nowadays, Dreame provides reading service for more than 100 million users in over 130 countries and regions. It has successfully ranked first place in the APP store in North America and Southeast Asia.
Stary Writing is a one-stop writing platform that combines writing, publishing, marketing, and book adapting. Writers on Stary Writing can monetize stories, achieve better career development, and witness their stories adapted into various multi-media products. More than 100 thousand authors have created and published over 300 thousand stories here.
Ringdom is dedicated to building an inspiring community for adventure fiction. You can find adventure-oriented genres such as Fantasy, Game, Apocalypse, and Paranormal Urban... and new, exciting elements like Isekai, System, Cultivation, and non-human lead... Read with Ringdom, access to infinite adventures.
Slash is the first reading platform that provides readers with excellent LGBT+ content all over the world. On Slash, love can explain everything.
Focus on Indonesian stories, Innovel provides Indonesian readers with high-quality Indonesian fictions. Innovel is officially launched in April 2020. Now it becomes one of the most popular reading APPs in Indonesian with ranking first place in the Indonesian APP store.
Sueñovela is a pocket library that focuses on Spanish stories. After releasing in October 2020, this APP has ranked first place in the APP store in 17 countries and attracted a great number of Spanish-speaking authors and readers. The stories here cover various genres, including Romance, Suspense, Fantasy, etc.
ЧитРом brings first-rate stories to Russian-speaking users! After launching in December 2020, it provides a flood of excellent stories by domestic authors in Russia and Ukraine.
Yugto is the newest craze in reading awesome novels from prolific Filipino authors. There are bestsellers by authors from different parts of the world and millions of addictive stories. It is a special paradise for book lovers and writers giving enchanting stories in different genres to tickle the readers’ imaginative minds.
Jovem, divertido e inclusivo, PortReader, é um paraíso dedicado a todos os amantes da ficção da língua portuguesa. Aqui podem encontrar as melhores obras tais como, romances, mundos paralelos, etc. Cada leitor encontrará a sua preferência. Atualmente, PortReader está disponível a descarregar no Google play. Bem-vindo ao mundo maravilhoso de imaginação.