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I’ve been with Dreame for about two years now and it just keeps getting better and better. The other authors and editors that I got to meet have just been amazing and supportive. Everything in the platform is actually quite user friendly which I appreciate because I’m not very tech-y.
Amber Leggett
I found Dreame in June of 2019 and began to read the stories almost religiously. My first four books have gotten such fantastic reviews from the readers that I know now that I want to continue writing. It hasn’t even been an entire since I’ve started, but I have loved the experience.
The best thing about writing on Dreame is the ease of publishing, how quickly we can grow readership and of course the remuneration. It’s effortless to monetise your works and get benefits.
Full-time Writer Program
The Full-time Writer Program is a program for writers to live their dreams and achieve career development. The Stary Full-time Writers can write at home with stable monthly incomes.
Cash Bonuses
Stary has released the latest writer benefits in 2021. Writers in Stary can earn a variety of cash bonuses with writing. The bonuses cover every stage of creating a story, including signing a new story with Stary, completing a story, and frequently publishing new chapters.
Payment and Clearing System
Stary treasures creativity and imagination and hopes to support creators to monetize stories. The Payment and Clearing System in Stary is effective and transparent. It manages creators' incomes. Through this system, creators can check and withdraw remunerations by themselves.
Writing Contests
Stary launches various writing contests that cover multiple genres and languages. Writers can participate in these events to increase readership, win cash prizes and opportunities for book adaptions. For instance, Stary Writing Academy provides more than 100,000 USD each time to boost writers’ growth and encourage further career development.
One-stop Writing Service
The writing service in Stary covers every stage of writing. The one-stop writing platform, Stary Writing, provides writers with editorial guides, free book promotions, and book adaption opportunities.
Creative Writing Courses
Stary invites experienced editors to design a series of writing courses. Users can access these courses for free to increase writing skills and have a more in-depth insight into the publishing industry.