Authors and readers are the foundations of Stary.
We are here to create a smooth reading experience for global readers.
We aim to make creating more approachable for everyone.
Multilingual Reading Service
Stary runs multilingual reading platforms that provide localization reading services for readers in more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. Over 300,000 stories have been presented to readers from different language backgrounds, including English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, etc.
A Content Distribution Center
Stary establishes a healthy, creative, and effective network to distribute content. It covers various genres, including Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, etc. Through the distribution network, stories can quickly reach potential readers.
One-stop Writing and Marketing Service
Stary is creating a brand-new writing experience for users. Writers can write through mobile devices and write down inspirations whenever possible with Stary Writing. Stary also provides multi-channel promotion, which contributes to increasing the creations’ exposure.
Professional Editor Team
In Stary, there is a group of experienced editors who have great insights into the industry and readers. They support writers in making better use of platform resources, gaining more readers, and growing with Stary.
Derivative Works Adaption
Stary assists creators in adapting their creations into various forms, including but not limited to physical books, audiobooks, comic books, adventure games, etc., to find out the endless possibilities behind stories.
Technical Support
All the Stary platforms have been equipped with advanced technologies, including front-end encryption, content anti-copy function, and monitoring, to guarantee data security. Stary also applies a flexible payment system to guarantee creators’ revenue and fund security.